Saturday, September 18, 2010

Book of the Week September 19-26. The Kitten's Tale

Because I have so many titles, most readers know only a fraction of my work. Book of the Week is an experimental page for interested readers to learn more about individual titles.

The Kitten's Tale is the fifth title in the Pet Vet series I co-write with my husband, Darrel. In this story, Trump the terrier (who lives and works at Pet Vet clinic) meets a stray kitten in search of a home. Meanwhile, Major Higgins the visiting cat is in some kind of trouble, and there's a dangerous animal on the loose. Trump has a lot on her paws.

Illustrated by Janine Dawson, The Kitten's Tale is also available in overseas editions.

You can read more about the Pet Vet series at

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  1. I find this 'market reminding' an excellent idea. Your covers, BTW, are really VERY good.

  2. Thanks, Rosanne. I put the original on my home page, and copy it to this blog so anyone interested can backtrack.

  3. It looks lovely, Sally, and I like your "blurb". Isn't it nice to see animal stories back in vogue? I envy you being able to get help from your husband. Mine can't even grasp that writers need to be protected from visitors and screeching telephones. Once when someone visited unexpectedly and I was deep in a rather traumatic episode of my novel and wanted to continue working he threatened to physically haul me out of my chair if I didn't come out.

  4. Hi Sally,
    Your Pet Vet series looks good to me. Do you have a website where I can check out other titles you have that will go on my TBR series mountain I have. My TBR mountain has grown so much that I have now separated it into series, anthologies and stand alones because the document I have is at 1857 entries with several pages of notebook paper that have not been entered as yet.


  5. The book and series sounds awesome Sally, keep up the great work.