Friday, August 6, 2010

Fernseed for Fairysight. Book of the Week August 7-14, 2010

Book of the week - August 7th - 14th, 2010


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Because I have so many titles, most readers know only a fraction of my work. Book of the Week is an experimental page for interested readers to learn more about individual titles.

Fernseed for Fairysight is a collection of fantasy poetry and ballads. The style is mostly retro-Victorian metrical verse, which means it rhymes, scans and tells a story.

Fernseed for fairysight, applebloom and may

Shamrock for Celts' delight, the secrets of the fae

(From Maggie's Song)

Fernseed for Fairysight is available here as an ebook or paperback, and here as a Kindle edition. This book was published by Eternal Press in 2007.

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