Thursday, July 22, 2010

Candle Iron. Book of the Week July 22-29 2010

Book of the week - July 22-29, 2010

CANDLE IRON (HarperCollins)

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Because I have so many titles, most readers know only a fraction of my work. Book of the Week is an experimental page for interested readers to learn more about individual titles.

Allyso Tormblood is nearly a year older than she seems. She'll need that extra year to save her world.

Scholar Ankooria helps to besiege Allyso's home. He entrusts her with the only thing he loves - his spellhound, Tace.

Tollerman of Musson has suffered terribly. He reaches the end of his road high in the Shrouded Mountains.

Leonard Gates has run away from another world. She arrives at Conners' Hall twice, but it isn't the end of her story.

Tegwen Hasselsjo is murdered by invaders. She was only fifteen, but she may have another chance yet.

All five have to face the challenge of their lives or deaths.

Candle Iron is one of my favourites among my own books. It was published in paperback by HarperCollins Australia in 2000, and will soon be available as an e-book as well. To read more about this book, including sketches of all the named characters, go to

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